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Popular Chinese Words
eChineselearning provides a huge number of resources for Chinese language learners. Materials in this section are edited by eChineselearning's professional teaching staff and are designed to teach you Chinese that you can use in your everyday life. And best of all, these materials are totally FREE! If you want to learn Chinese that will make your daily life in China much easier, our daily Chinese language resources will be a great help.

1. Chinese Slang -“靠谱(kàopǔ) Reliable”

2. Nothing’s Better than “淡定(dàndìng)” to Calm Someone Down!

3. Buying Soy Sauce in China. (Elementary)

4. 感冒(gǎnmào), have an interest for something or somebody (Elementary)

5. Olympic Lingo in Chinese (Elementary)

6. Let’s show and share our happiness. (Beginner)

7. What’s Your Style? (Beginner)

8. 高富帅 (gāo fù shuài) Tall, Rich and Handsome (Beginner)

9. (那是)必须的!((Nà shì) bìxū de!) Absolutely! (Beginner)

10. Ladies, which body type are you? (Elementary)

11. 萌 (méng) young and innocent

12. 80后 (bā líng hòu) Post-1980s: Eighties Babies in China

13. 汗 (hàn), Don’t sweat it.

14. Taobao – A Brand Becomes a Verb

15. 亲 (qīn) Dear

16. Greetings on Valentine’s Day

17. 你懂的 (nǐ dǒng de) You know.

18. Greetings for Chinese New Year

19. hold住 (hold zhù) I got this under control./Hang in there!

20. Chinese Greetings for New Year’s Day

21. Christmas Greetings in Chinese

22. 纠结 (jiūjié) Be entangled with

23. 牛 (niú) Excellent!

24. 伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ) I can’t be hurt anymore!

25. “二百五 (èrbǎiwǔ)” is not a compliment.

26. 哎呀 (āiya) Oh, My god

27. “丑八怪 (chǒubāguài),” why not “丑九怪 (chǒujiǔguài)?”

28. Greetings on Mid-autumn Festival (Beginner)

29. How to say “smoking” in Chinese?

30. Can I help you? (Beginner) 我能帮您什么忙吗?

31. Are you sure? (Beginner) 你确定吗?

32. Why? (Beginner) 为什么?(初级)

33. April Fool’s Day (Beginner) 愚人节 (初级)

34. Go ahead (Beginner) 去吧 (初级)

35. Anytime. (Beginner) 随时。(初级)

36. It’s so cool! (Beginner) 太酷了。(初级)

37. Come in, please! (Beginner) 请进。(初级)

38. Bingo!/You are right. (Beginner) 答对了。(初级)

39. Really? (Beginner) 真的吗?(初级)

40. May you be prosperous! (Beginner) 恭喜发财!(初级)

41. What Happened to You? (Beginner) 你怎么了?(初级)

42. Happy New Year! (Beginner) 新年好!(初级)

43. Everything is going well. (Beginner) 一切顺利。(初级)

44. Cheers! (Beginner) 干杯!(初级)

45. I’m Serious. (Beginner) 我说真的。(初级)

46. The Sooner the Better! (Beginner) 越快越好!(初级)

47. Well Done! (Beginner) 干得漂亮!(初级)

48. May I Ask What Your Surname Is? (Beginner) 请问您贵姓?(初级)

49. Congratulations! (Beginner) 恭喜!(初级)

50. Let me think. (Beginner) 我想想。(初级)

51. How’s everything? (Intermediate) 一切还好吧?(中级)

52. Happy New Year! (Beginner) 新年快乐!(初级)

53. Good luck! (Beginner) 祝你好运!(初级)

54. Merry Christmas! (Beginner) 圣诞快乐!(初级)

55. By the way. (Beginner) 顺便问一下。(初级)

56. It’s a deal! (Intermediate) 一言为定!(中级)

57. Cheer up! (Beginner) 振作起来!打起精神!(初级)

58. What a Pity! (Beginner) 太遗憾了!(初级)

59. Make yourself at home! (Beginner) 请随意!(初级)

60. You are so kind! (Beginner) 你真好!(初级)

61. That’s funny! (Beginner) 真有趣!(初级)

62. Please Help Me! (Beginner) 帮帮我!(初级)

63. Watch Out! (Beginner) 当心!(初级)

64. Take it easy! (Beginner) 别紧张!(初级)

65. It’s up to you! (Beginner) 你决定!(初级)

66. Perhaps! (Beginner) 也许!(初级)

67. Who knows? (Beginner) 谁知道呢?(初级)

68. Enjoy Yourself! (Beginner) 玩得开心!(初级)

69. It’s my pleasure! (Beginner) 我很乐意!(初级)

70. I Promise! (Beginner) 我保证!(初级)

71. I think so. (Beginner) 我也这么想。(初级)

72. What’s up? (Beginner) 最近怎么样?(初级)

73. None of your business! (Beginner) 与你无关!(初级)

74. I’m back! (Beginner) 我回来了!(初级)

75. Good Job! (Beginner) 做得好!(初级)

76. Are you kidding? (Beginner) 你在开玩笑吗?(初级)

77. My God! (Beginner) 天哪!(初级)

78. That’s it! (Beginner) 就这样!(初级)

79. Hold On! (Beginner) 等一下!(初级)

80. Leave Me Alone! (Beginner) 走开!(初级)

81. Shut Up! (Beginner) 闭嘴!(初级)

82. Many Thanks! (Beginner) 多谢!(初级)

83. Good Idea! (Beginner) 好主意!(初级)

84. See You Soon! (Beginner) 一会儿见!(初级)

85. Sorry! (Beginner) 对不起!(初级)

86. No Worries! (Beginner) 不要紧!(初级)

87. No Way! (Beginner) 不行!(初级)

88. Long Time No See! (Beginner) 好久不见!(初级)

89. Me too! (Beginner) 我也是!(初级)

90. I Love You! (Beginner) 我爱你!(初级)

91. Just So So! (Beginner) 一般!(初级)

92. Forget It! (Beginner) 算了! (初级)

93. How Much? (Beginner) 多少钱? (初级)

94. Not Bad! (Beginner) 还不错!(初级)

95. I See (Beginner) 我明白了 (初级)

96. Wait for a moment (Beginner) 稍等(初级)

97. I Forgot (that) (Beginner) 我忘了(初级)

98. What’s wrong (Beginner) 怎么了(初级)

99. Take Care (Beginner) 保重(初级)

100. Thank You for Waiting (Beginner) 久等了(初级)

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