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Fun Stuff
eChineseLearning provides a huge number of FREE Chinese learning materials to help you learn Chinese and have lots of fun too. These fun Chinese resources are edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff. Satisfaction guaranteed! Free Chinese resources from eChineseLearning will be a great companion for you as you learn Chinese.

1. Learn Chinese with Chinese Tennis Player, Li Na

2. Learn Mandarin with Sheldon

3. How to Express Age in Chinese?

4. Chinese Tongue Twister – Mom Rides a Horse

5. 早点 (zǎodiǎn) – What Do These Signs Mean? (Elementary)

6. Eric…you’ve “出家Chūjiā” become a monk?(Beginner)

7. Do you look “safe?” (Beginner)

8. What is your “达人(dárén) talent?” (Beginner)

9. Which flowers do you like? (Beginner)

10. 看车! (Kàn chē!) Look out for the cars! (Beginner)

11. Who will pay for the bill? (Elementary)

12. Do you have any stickers on your car? (Beginner)

13. The Versatile Chinese Word: 方便 (fāngbiàn)

14. The Reason Why Mike Is Late

15. I want more steamed stuffed buns.

16. 烫头发 (tàng tóufa) Having a perm

17. 小心地滑 (xiǎo xīn dì huá) Caution! Slippery.

18. I Got One Point More.

19. Soccer Stars from Arsenal Speak Chinese.

20. Sentence Structure: 我喜欢… (Wǒ xǐhuan…) I like…

21. Kobe Bryant VS Jay Chou: Can You Play Basketball? (Beginner)

22. Looking for Double Happiness (Beginner)

23. 富有的乞丐 (Fùyǒu de qǐgài) A Rich Beggar (Intermediate)

24. Can Fans be Weapons in Martial Arts? (Intermediate)

25. Kobe Bryant Asks Fans to “Stand up” in Mandarin (Intermediate)

26. Can I say “Have a Good Shower” in Chinese? (Intermediate)

27. “Harry Potter” Has a Chinese Name, Do You? (Beginner)

28. Peyton Manning vs. Justin Timberlake in a Ping-Pong Match (Beginner)

29. Foreigners Challenge Beijing Opera (Advanced)

30. I Meant Chinese Style (Not Chinese Food)! (Beginner)

31. Steamed Stuffed Bun Plays Rock & Roll (Intermediate)

32. What do Pepsi and the Shaolin Monks Have in Common? (Beginner)

33. When Hip-Hop Meets Chinese Stilts (Beginner)

34. Tracy Mcgrady Wants to Put Yao Ming out?! (Beginner)

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