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General Chinese
eChineselearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineselearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

1. Are They China’s Baby Boomers-“80后(bālínghòu)” and “90后 (jiǔlínghòu)”

2. New Catch Phrase-“有钱,任性(yǒuqián, rènxìng)”

3. Mandarin Buzzword-“正能量(zhèngnéngliàng)”

4. Why do Chinese call New Year “元旦 (yuándàn)”?

5. How Do You Say “Merry Christmas” in Mandarin?

6. Die trying? It’s “拼命(pīn mìng)” in Mandarin

7. “打(dǎ) hit” doesn’t always mean “Violent” in Mandarin (and find out why)

8. Things You Must Know about “大牌(dàpái)”

9. What Type of Man is “暖男(nuǎnnán)”?

10. “裸婚(luǒhūn)”-Getting Married Without A Wedding

11. 秀(xiù)”-He likes to show off!

12. How Good Really is Mark Zuckerberg’s Mandarin?

13. “学霸(xué bà)”-Curve Wrecker at School

14. “没门儿(Méi ménr)” – No Way!

15. “校花(xiàohuā)”-The Most Beautiful Girl in a School

16. “哥们儿(gēmenr)”- Not Brothers but Just Like Brothers

17. 秒杀(miǎoshā)-Online Shopping Buzzword

18. 淘(táo)” and “拍(pāi)”-Mandarin Words on Online Shopping

19. Chinese Wisdom: Close to “大人(dàrén),” Away from “小人(xiăorén)!”

20. High “人气(rénqì)” Means Popularity?

21. “海量(hǎiliàng)”-Drink Like a Fish!

22. 黑心(Hēixīn)- “Black Heart” or “Evil Heart”? 

23. “婆婆妈妈(pópomāmā)”-A Must-Know Chinese Idiom

24. “女汉子(Nǚhànzi)”-Describe a Girl in Mandarin

25. 爸爸去哪儿(Where Are We Going, Dad?) -Popular Chinese Reality Show

26. Are you a “吃货(chīhuò)”?

27. “赞(zàn)”- Must Know Word When Complimenting Someone in Mandarin

28. 黑哨(Hēishào)- Bad Ref. Calls (World Cup Special Ⅲ)

29. “黑马(hēimă) Dark Horse” of the 2014 World Cup (Special Issue Ⅱ)

30. “好球(hǎoqiú)” vs “臭球(chòuqiú)”-World Cup Special

31. “无语(wúyǔ)” – I am speechless!

32. “No Zuo No Die”- Is this English or Mandarin?

33. The Good and the Bad about “事儿(shìr)”

34. Are you suffering from “choosing disabilities?”

35. Do You Suffer from Chinese WiFi (无线wúxiàn) Anxiety?

36. What’s Your Love Status? (Ⅲ)

37. Must-Know Five “Bad Words” in Chinese

38. Popular Words: “奇葩儿子(qípā érzi)”

39. “极品老妈(jípǐn lǎomā)” – Best Mom or Worst Mom?

40. “七上八下(qī shàng bā xià)” and Why Do Chinese Hate It?

41. “零钱(língqián)” – Zero Money or Small Change?

42. “潮男(cháonán)”— Wet or Fashionable?

43. Not All “花(huā) Flowers” in Chinese Are Pleasant!

44. “蜜(mì)” – A Sweet Chinese Word!

45. “马上有(Mǎshàng yǒu)”-Make Wishes for the Year of the Horse!

46. “贵(Guì)”- Show Your Respect (in Chinese Way)

47. “大嘴巴(dà zuǐba)!”-Big Mouth and its Implied Meaning in Mandarin

48. “热门(rèmén)” vs. “冷门(lěngmén)”-Who is More Popular?

49. “新年计划 (Xīnnián jìhuà)” – New Year’s Resolutions in Mandarin!

50. Heart “软(ruǎn)” vs. Hand “软(ruǎn)” vs. Mouth “软(ruǎn)”

51. Santa Claus vs. Chinese “母老虎(mǔlǎohǔ)-Tigress”

52. Green-eyed? It’s “眼红(yǎnhóng) Red-eyed” in Chinese!

53. “土豪(Tǔháo)” in Chinese-Rich but Vulgar!

54. Why Does “手(shǒu) Hand” Decide Who We Are in Chinese?

55. “粉丝(fěnsī)”-Must Know Knowledge about “fans” in Chinese

56. “八卦(bāguà)”- A Chinese Way to Gossip

57. “辣妈(làmā) Hot Mom”

58. Manly or Not, It’s Better to Have That Special “Smell!”

59. How to Call Your Ex in Chinese?

60. “Life” Can Be sold in Chinese?

61. Does the Number 9 in Chinese Really Make Things Last Long? (Lucky Number, PartⅡ)

62. 6 is More Than a Number in the Eyes of Chinese People (Lucky Number, PartⅠ)

63. Have you ever “吃” (eat) pains? (Advanced)

64. Love Her, Call Her “Goddess!” (Elementary)

65. Are you a “Cat” (even if you are not)? (Elementary)

66. Be Careful When Using “eggs” in Mandarin (Elementary)

67. Have you ever sang your own praises for saving 面子(miànzi)? (Elementary)

68. How Numbers Became Magical in Daily Life? (Elementary)

69. What on earth can we “晒(shaì)”? (Elementary)

70. “Ghost” in the Chinese Language (Elementary)

71. Living with a “Night Cat” (Elementary)

72. Two Mouths, One Marriage (Elementary)

73. Lost in song (Elementary)

74. Refresh Your Life! (Elementary)

75. Faster Than Lightning – China’s Lightning Marriage (Elementary)

76. Don’t Be Fooled! (Elementary)

77. To Blow Or To Boast? (Elementary)

78. Hold Your Horses! (Elementary)

79. A good season to be lucky in love

80. A Frugal Nation – Are You A Member of This New Chinese Group?

81. Rent a girlfriend for the Chinese New Year (Elementary)

82. “Good” Times: How Do You Use “好” (Elementary)

83. What’s your love status? (Ⅱ) (Elementary)

84. What’s Your Love Status in Chinese? (Ⅰ) (Elementary)

85. Keywords about Spring Festival (Ⅱ) (Elementary)

86. Keywords about Spring Festival (Ⅰ) (Elementary)

87. North by Northwest. (Elementary)

88. What color is your “collar?” (Elementary)

89. Why does eating vinegar mean being jealous? (Elementary)

90. Must-know Shopping Lingo in Chinese (Elementary)

91. Are you criticizing my gift? (Elementary)

92. Beyond counting: the curious number 2 (Elementary)

93. The Essential Friendships for Chinese (Elementary)

94. The gravity of 炒鱿鱼 (chǎo yóuyú) or fried squid? (Elementary)

95. Addressing In-Laws – Ancient Traditions in Modern Culture. (Elementary)

96. How Do You Address All Sorts of Leaders in Chinese? (Elementary)

97. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Red?(Beginner)

98. “菜” – Know it and you’ll never go hungry. (Elementary)

99. 客气(kèqi) or 不客气(bú kèqi), that is the question! (Elementary)

100. Top 7 Taboos in China (Beginner)

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