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Dec 22

Video: Learn Christmas Expressions in Chinese

How to say “Merry Christmas” in Chinese? Learn the most useful Christmas expressions in Mandarin Chinese in this video lesson! Taught by professional Chinese teachers from eChineseLearning, the dialogue teaches you useful expressions in gift exchange among family members and friends, home decoration, Christmas dinner with family members and more!


Listen to the audio:  

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4 Responses to “Video: Learn Christmas Expressions in Chinese”

  1. 1. Lelan says:

    圣诞录像真不错。 希望你们能创作介绍中国春节的录像让同学们享受!


  2. 2. Mai Ra says:

    Happy new year to you all the member of eChineselearning.I thank a lot of more newsletter and I hope to get more to learn. This program very useful to me.I wish you get great luck in this new year.I want to know how you believe in the tiger year.

  3. 3. Mai Ra says:

    I very very thank you for your many lesson. Very convenience to learn and our chinese teacher is so pretty. May God Bless you all. Learn with video is so suitable for me. This way is able to get listening skill well.Thank you.

  4. 4. Admin says:

    Hello hgh review,

    You are welcome. I hope you like the blog. Please feel free to contact our teachere if any questions you have in your future Chinese studies, the email address is

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