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Chinese for Kids
eChineseLearning provides a huge number of kids' Chinese language resources for your kids to learn Chinese. These Chinese materials for kids are edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff, and specially designed for kids to learn Chinese. We offer a variety of interesting, kid-friendly topics which enable kids to Chinese effective with fun! Best of all, these Chinese materials for kids are totally FREE!

1. Nursery Rhyme -我爱小青蛙(Wǒ ài xiǎo qīngwā) I love the Little Frog

2. Tongue Twister-一共拍了几个球?(yíɡònɡ pāi le jǐ ɡè qiú?) How Many Times Have They Bounced in Total?

3. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 我的朋友在哪里?(Wǒ de péngyou zài nǎlǐ?) Where is My Friend?

4. Chinese Nursery Rhyme-小鸟小鸟(xiǎoniǎo xiǎoniǎo) Little Bird

5. Chinese Nursery Rhyme-两只小象(liǎnɡzhī xiǎoxiànɡ) Two Little Elephants

6. Chinese Nursery Rhyme-大风车(Dà fēngchē)The Big Pinwheel

7. Chinese Nursery Rhyme-小鱼游游游(xiǎoyú yóu yóu yóu) The Little Fish Swims

8. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 健康操(jiànkāng cāo) Healthy Workout

9. Chinese Nursery Rhyme—弯弯的月亮小小的船(Wānwān de yuèliang xiǎo xiǎo de chuán) The Curved Moon and the Small Ship

10. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 巧巧手 (qiǎo qiǎo shǒu ) the clever hands 

11. Tongue Twister—黄花儿和红花儿 (huánghuār hé hónghuār) The Yellow Flowers and the Red Flowers

12. Chinese Nursery Rhyme –圆圆歌(Yuán Yuán Gē) The Round Rhyme

13. Chinese Nursery Rhyme –蓝精灵(lán jīnglíng) The Smurfs

14. Let’s Sing a Chinese Nursery Rhyme! – 歌声与微笑(Gēshēnɡ yǔ wēixiào) Singing with a Smile

15. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 幸福拍手歌(xìngfú pāishǒu gē)  If You’re Happy

16. Let’s Sing a Chinese Nursery Rhyme! – 一双小小手(yì shuānɡ xiǎo xiǎo shǒu) A Pair of Small Hands

17. Chinese Nursery Rhyme-外婆有只花猫咪 (Wàipó yǒu zhī huā māomi) My Grandma Has a Cat

18. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 两只手(liǎng zhī shǒu) Two Hands

19. Chinese Nursery Rhyme—家族歌(jiāzú gē) The Family Song

20. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 我有一个幸福的家 (wǒyǒu yígè xìngfú de jiā) I Have a Happy Family

21. Chinese Nursery Rhyme—打电话(dǎ diàn huà) Making a phone call

22. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – 小手拍拍(xiǎoshǒu pāipāi) Clap Your Hands

23. Nursery Rhyme – 尾巴谣(Wěibayáo) Ballad of Tail

24. Nursery Rhyme – The Little Donkey

25. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – A Pekinese

26. Nursery Rhyme — Three Bears

27. Nursery Rhyme — Pull the Radish!

28. Tongue Twister – Counting the Dates

29. Chinese Song for Kids – Love Me and Hug Me!

30. Chinese Nursery Rhyme – The Spring Has Come!

31.  Nursery Rhyme- The Snail and the Orioles

32. Nursery Rhyme–The New Year Has Arrived!

33. Tongue Twister for Kids: The Tiger and the Mouse

34. Tongue Twister – Tigers, Deer, Pigs, Rabbits and Rats

35. A Kids’ Story- A Little Monkey Comes down from the Mountain

36. Nursery Rhyme–祝你新年好!(Zhù nǐ xīnnián hǎo!) Happy New Year to You!

37. Chinese Story for Kids -“What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?”

38. The Hand Game – Rock-Paper-Scissors

39. A Tongue Twister: the Big Rabbit and the Small Rabbit

40. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: I Love My Kindergarten

41. Learn Three Chinese Characters “大(dà)” “人(rén)” “口(kǒu)”

42. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: Little Dogs, My Good Friends

43. Chinese Nursery Rhyme—大雨和小雨(Dàyǔ Hé Xiǎoyǔ): Heavy Rain and Light Rain

44. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: 中秋节(Zhōngqiūjié) Mid-autumn Festival

45. Learn Chinese colors from a Chinese song for children (Elementary)

46. Chinese Nursery Rhym: 小花猫 (Xiǎohuāmāo) The Little Cat

47. Chinese for Kids: Learn Chinese Language from a Chinese Zodiac Song

48. Chinese story: Little Bear Tells Lies

49. Chinese Story: Little Mice Move Their House (Beginner)

50. Chinese idioms: Be humble enough to consult one’s inferiors (Elementary)

51. The Crow Drinks Water

52. Chinese Tongue Twister: Three-stone Mountain (Beginner)

53. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: I Found a Penny (Elementary)

54. Chinese Nursery Song: Clap Your Hands (Elementary)

55. Chinese Nursery rhyme: Toothbrushing (Elementary)

56. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: Make A Phone Call (Elementary)

57. Chinese song: The Little Swallow (Elementary)

58. Chinese song: Counting ducks (Elementary)

59. Chinese song: 五指歌 (Wǔ zhǐ gē) The five fingers song

60. It’s Yummy. (Beginner)

61. I have a great daddy.

62. What’s your favorite animal?

63. Chinese Nursery Rhyme: 妈妈您歇歇吧 (māma nín xiēxie ba) Have a Rest, My Dear Mom

64. Guess the fruit.

65. Chinese Song: 过新年 (Guò xīnnián) Celebrating the New Year

66. Four Words for Every Child’s Merry Christmas

67. Chinese Idiom: 钻牛角尖 To Rush into a Dead End

68. Chinese Idiom: 滴水穿石 Dripping water wears away stone.

69. Chinese Idiom: 对牛弹琴 To play the harp to a cow

70. A Chinese Riddle: 猜猜我是谁 Guess who am I?

71. Chinese Riddle: 我是谁?(Wǒ shì shuí?) Who am I?

72. Chinese Song: Two Little Bees

73. A Chinese story— The Fox and the Grapes

74. A Chinese Story: 神笔马良 Ma Liang and the Magic Pen

75. How to Say the Names of Cold Drinks in Chinese? (Beginner)

76. Chinese Story: The Ant and the Dove (Beginner)

77. Chinese Song: 爸爸好 (Bàba hǎo) Good Ol’ Dad

78. Nursery Rhyme: 单韵母歌 (Dān yùnmǔ gē) The Song of Simple Finals

79. A Chinese Nursery Rhyme about the Dragon Boat Festival (Beginner)

80. Story: The Crab that Walks Sidewise (Beginner)

81. Chinese for Kids: How to say body parts in Chinese? (Beginner)

82. Kids’ Chinese Song: 只要妈妈露笑脸 If Only My Mother Smiles

83. Kids’ Chinese Song: 七色光之歌 The Song of the Sunlight (Beginner)

84. Learn “大 (dà)” and “小 (xiǎo)” Through a Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme (Beginner)

85. Chinese Story for Kids: The Story of the Gecko’s Tail

86. Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids: Doing Morning Exercises Every Day (Beginner)

87. Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme: 我的好妈妈 My Dear Mother

88. Chinese for Children: Popular Toys for Children in China.

89. Popular Kids’ Chinese Song: 春天在哪里 Where is Spring?

90. Chinese Song for Kids: 劳动最光荣 Be Proud of Working Hard

91. Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme: I Don’t Pick the Beautiful Flowers.

92. Chinese Song for Kids: A Little Mouse Climbing Up a Lamp (Beginner)

93. Kids’ Chinese Story: The Pig Ate a Watermelon

94. Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids: 堆雪人 Making a Snowman

95. Chinese Story for Kids: Why Do Cats Always Want to Eat Mice? (Intermediate)

96. Kids’ Chinese Song: 找朋友 Looking For a Friend (Beginner)

97. Kids’ Chinese Idiom: 指鹿为马 Deer or Horse? (Intermediate)

98. Kids’ Chinese Story: Three Monks Had no Water to Drink

99. Chinese Story for Kids: The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs

100. Kids’ Chinese Story: The Tortoise and the Hare

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