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Dec 22

孔融让梨 Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pears

孔融让梨 (Kǒng róng ràng lí) Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pear 

Key Learning Points (Preview):

“梨 ()” is the Chinese character for “pear.”   

礼物 (lǐwù) n gift 

Dōnghàn shíhou, yǒugè jiào Kǒng róng de rén. Tā xiǎoshíhou hěn cōngming, yǒu wǔgè gēge, yígè dìdi.
In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a person called Kong Rong. He was very smart ever since he was a little boy. He had five older brothers and one younger brother.

Yìtiān bàbɑ mǎile yìxiē lízi, tèyì jiǎnle yígè zuìdà de gěi Kǒng róng, Kǒng róng què yáotóu búyào, ná le yígè zuì xiǎode lí.
One day his father bought some pears, picking one of the largest and giving it to Kong Rong deliberately. But Kong Rong shook his head and picked up the smallest one.  

Bàba hěn hàoqí, jiùwèn: “wèishénme ne?”
His dad was very curious, and asked: “Why?”

Kǒng róng shuō: “Wǒ niánjì xiǎo, wǒ chī xiǎo lí, dà de gěi gēge chī.”
Kong Rong said: “I am younger, so I should eat the smaller pear, and brothers should eat the bigger ones.”

Bàba tīnghòu hěngāoxìng, yòu wèn: “nà dìdi bǐ nǐ hái xiǎo ya?”
His dad was very glad after hearing his words, but asked further: “What about your younger brother who is younger than you are?”

Kǒng róng shuō: “Wǒ bǐ dìdi dà, wǒshì gēge, wǒ yīnggāi bǎ dà de liúgěi xiǎodìdi chī.”
Kong Rong said: “I am older than him, so I should leave the bigger one to my little brother.”

Hòulái, Kǒng róng chéngwéi le yígè hěn yǒuxuéwen de rén.
Later, Kong Rong became a great scholar.

 生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary 

“梨 ()” is the Chinese character for “pear.”   


Tā zuì xǐhuɑn chīlí le.
She loves to eat pears best.

礼物 (lǐwù) n gift 

“礼 ()” refers to gift and “物 ()” refers to object. 


Shēngrì jùhuì shàng, tā shōu dàole hěnduō lǐwù.
He receives a lot of gifts at his birthday party.

聪明 (cōngmíng): adj smart 

好奇 (hàoqí): adj curious 

摇头 (yáotóu): v shake one’ s head 

特意地 (tèyì de): adv deliberately 

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